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It’s easy to be afraid of change. We want to stay where we are comfortable and where things are predictable and safe. However, that fear could be keeping you from the life of your dreams. Alternatively, it may be a signal that you’re not ready for what is on the other side of that fear. You’ll never know what it’s telling you until you examine it. 

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena Armijo encourages us to consider what your fear of change is keeping you from. In her interview, Elena talks with the incomparable Mila Henry. She is a music director, a pianist, a conductor, the artistic director of the American Opera Project, and a fabulous trailblazer. Through her artistic endeavors, she has been able to combine her love for music with her passion for innovation to maximize others’ impact and create a new future for opera. In this conversation, she and Elena discuss her musical journey and how music can be used to expose people to new ideas and experiences.

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