Ren Rodriguez, also known as the Beastlybator online, is a leader in the “solosexuality” space. While living in NYC, he discovered his Solosexuality and embarked on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. He has since moved back to Los Angeles and is very active in the bate community sharing his Solosexual journey in hopes of inspiring Solosexual men all over the world. He enjoys art, music, penis, and Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Join us on this episode as we dive into:

  • What is the practice Solosexuality?
  • Filling up your own love cup and creating your own sexual narrative
  • Slowing down to notice patterns in your own sexuality and using that as a place to create transformation
  • Masturbation as an act of self love and making masturbation cool!
  • How to move past social conditioning around creating our own sexual journey
  • Having the agency to ask for what you want
  • Shifting your sexuality to be
  • The realization that desires don’t need justification . They just are.
  • Vulnerable communication in sex
  • Lovingly setting boundaries in relationship and sex
  • Taking full ownership of life

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