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Is work-life balance a myth? The mainstream idea of work-life balance is great, but it’s not necessarily attainable. Why? Well, the traditional idea of work-life balance can be static. It doesn’t fit everyone’s personalities or everyone’s desired schedules. Some people do not want to work on Mondays or Fridays; some people prefer working at the office, while others want to spend more time at home. Everyone’s idea of work-life balance is different. The trick is figuring out what that looks like—on your terms.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena Armijo shares three steps we can follow to create balance in our lives. In her interview, Elena talks with entrepreneur and Director of Coaching for Luscious Mother, Kristin Baker, who encourages mothers to create balance on their own terms. Kristin’s vibrant soul, empathetic heart, and powerful compassion are truly awe-inspiring! She’s an amazing woman who is passionate about helping mothers reclaim their identities, maintain their wellbeing, and focus their lives so they can create the environment for their families to thrive.

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