Today’s guest is Caitlin Lili, a single mom who has left the victim’s energy behind her. After ten years of working in pediatrics plus four years in customer relations and social media management, she decided to take a career shift and became a Women’s coach who focuses on helping mothers move out of martyrdom and into embodying their deepest most delicious desires. She is also a Trained Reiki Practitioner and has significant training in Somatic Breathwork.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Shedding the energy of what it means to be a “single mom”
  • Taking inventory of our beliefs as moms 
  • Where are we not expressed as women? 
  • Working with your desire AND childcare
  • Societal conditioning around caring for yourself 
  • Life does not stop when you have kids!
  • Keeping your heart open with your children 
  • Sexuality as separate from motherhood 


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