This week, we are releasing a special, urgent episode! Because I say so. <3

We are sitting down with three really brave women who have said yes to “Your Love Adventure.” The adventure that have embarked upon is to find a partner…but in a completely different way than we are used to in a traditional sense. These three women have spent the last six weeks uncovering their relationship patterns and creating an intentional vision for what they desire in relationship. And now, they are inviting men to apply to join each of them on a special trip that they have each designed. The intention is to find love – and it’s so much more than that. It’s fun, play, and learning how to receive support.

Join in on this episode to hear:

  • What it takes to break up your relationship patterns
  • The sneaky pattern of calling in unavailable men
  • Vulnerability as a requirement to connection
  • What it’s like to ask for more support than you have ever received from friends and family
  • Bravery and courage are HOT
  • The felt and embodied experience of surrender
  • Each woman’s desire for what she is calling in
  • Their messages for their future partners – this one is a tearjerker!

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