Dr. Nina Tilka is a licensed psychotherapist who earned her undergrad and master’s degree in psychological research at California State University, Long Beach. She went on to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Biola University. She currently runs her own practice called Belong Therapy. She supports clients through mental disorders and life stressors, and especially loves working with clients through grief. Her passion is to see people get better and flourish (mentally, spiritually, and physically). And find meaning in their lives. In this episode, we discuss various facets of grief.

  • Her path to practicing therapy and specializing in grief
  • The power of the grief journey
  • Trusting in clients’ individual processes
  • Accessing our full spectrum of emotions
  • Relating to grief in the short-term and long-term
  • The 5 Stages Of Grief
  • Common myths about grief
  • Creating meaning while grieving
  • Acknowledging others’ experience
  • Leaning into creativity to process grief

Links mentioned:

Dr. Nina Tilka’s website: https://www.belongtherapy.com

Instagram: @dr.ninatilka

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler: On Grief And Grieving



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