This is the most special episode I’ve ever recorded. Today we are sitting down with my almost 70-year-old mom to hear about how her feminine path has been slowly opening and revealing itself. Over the last few years, she has been brave enough to be in regular conversations with me about her desire, sexuality, healing, and being in relationship. This is after about seventeen years of shutting all of that down! And now, she’s baring it all on this show in hopes that she can touch even one woman to speak up for her desire.

We are both clear that together, we are doing the healing work for generations and generations of women in our family.

In this episode, she shares about what it was like to attend her first sacred sexuality retreat (wow wow wow is all I have to say.) But perhaps even more importantly, we talk about the journey to saying YES to herself and all of the work she did with her desire and her healing leading up to that.

We can all learn something from my mom.

Listen in to hear about:

  • Getting in touch with childhood trauma and following the thread of those patterns to heal
  • The healing process starts when you say yes to yourself
  • Sharing vulnerably with your partner and what that opens up
  • The process of forgiving yourself
  • Getting in touch with all of the sensations of your body
  • Shin orgasms – what is that?!
  • Letting yourself fully feel it to heal it
  • Following and honoring your own energy


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