Welcome to the Sisterhood Series!  This series is all about letting you into the sisterhood that I have created over the last five years on the feminine path. I want to let you into the juice of the regular, everyday transformational conversations that I am having with my sisters! We are going to get real with you about what’s actually going on with our intimacy, relationships, sexuality, and more. We’ll share how we are moving through it all, where we feel challenged, and what we are learning along the way.

This week’s episode is a Sisterhood Slumber Party – nothing is off limits!  Come on in…

Join us as we discuss:

  • All of the hilarious and obvious (and maybe not so obvious things I am learning living with Angel) 
  • My juicy engagement story! 
  • Existential Exhaustion and straight up burn out
  • Giving yourself permission to be tired 
  • Surrendering in the face of not knowing 
  • Allowing natural cycles and the flow of life 
  • Asking for space in relationship and allowing things to die so that something new can come through 


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