I’m doing another solo episode, y’all! Coming off of a gorgeous weekend where I co-hosted a gorgeous baby blessing for one of my dearest sisters, Ellie, I realized I needed to share some of the magic with you. Part of my genius in the world is staying rooted in desire AND making things happen at the same time. And I want to share that with you today in an episode all about making plans and creating projects from desire.  I am giving you ALL that I have learned over the past five or so years in this area.  This is a really juicy one.  I hope you enjoy!

Join us as we discuss:

  • Starting with getting clear on the desire 
  • Creating the container that will hold the desire
  • Calling in resources from your network and community to support the desire
  • Regularly checking in on and rooting yourself in the desire
  • Making decisions based in how they FEEL
  • Deciding how the holding of the event should be 
  • Bringing in ritual and ceremony 


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