Shellie Batuski is a consultant and coach who works with individuals, businesses, and nonprofits grow and thrive. Not only is she a powerful coach, but she has one of the happiest marriages (of 30 years) I have ever seen. She has been in transformation work since WAY before it was trendy or cool (30+ years). In her work, she loves helping people get what they want. She’s fierce, fun, and full of love. I am beyond thrilled to share her story here.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Owning our patterns and taking responsibility in relationship
  • Taking on your love life as a project and putting attention on where you want it to grow
  • Activating community support around relationship
  • What it takes to move through challenges in the face of what you want
  • Entering relationship with clarity and being straight with partners about what you want
  • The secrets to being happy in long term marriage
  • Taking responsibility for your own happiness
  • Using conflict resolution skills to communicate in marriage
  • Telling the truth in relationship
  • Having problem solving conversations and being on the same team

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