Especially after the chaos of 2020, it’s easy to slip into a scarcity mindset where we are frantically trying to ensure that we have enough, that our clients are served well, and that we have a Plan B if everything falls apart again. However, this scarcity mindset keeps us from so much in life. Instead of having a scarcity mindset – or going to the opposite extreme and forcing ourselves to have the perspective of “Everything’s fine” – it’s important to focus on the vision we have for our lives, so we remain grounded.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena Armijo discusses how to shift from a scarcity mindset, so we can have a more balanced outlook. In her interview segment, Elena speaks with vocal coach, pianist, conductor, educator, and the new artistic director of the San Francisco Opera Center, Carrie-Ann Matheson. These two powerhouse female leaders and musicians originally met when Elena came to Carrie-Ann for vocal coaching at the Metropolitan Opera, and they instantly connected. In this conversation, Carrie-Ann shares how she became part of the music world, the ways she has taken ownership of her gifts, the power music has to connect people, and her mission to empower others to own who they are.

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