I’m going to start doing some solo episodes, y’all. I want to just speak to whatever is on my heart, whatever is coming through me. Whatever Spirit wants to reveal through me. As I was feeling into today’s episode, surrender is the topic that came through. I get so many women coming to me wondering, “HOW do I surrender?” There is no how. And, to be clear – surrender also doesn’t mean, “Do nothing.”

Listen in as I share eight lessons we can all learn about surrender:

  • 1 – Start with belief in a higher power.
  • 2- See beauty in every stroke from the Universe
  • 3- Trust in the bigger picture that you cannot fully see.
  • 4-  Trust that you are always taken care of in a divine way.
  • 5 – Slow down to see the gifts along the way.
  • 6 – Let go of the form and timing of your desires
  • 7-  Accept where you are.
  • 8- Trust that you are an energetic match for all that you have in your life.

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