Vicky Aldana is one of my very close sisters, and we could not be more different! She’s a former festival-goer, I’m a former corporate wanna-be perfectionist. Her natural state is a little more dark, while mine tends to be a little more light. There’s so much talk out there about polarity in romantic relationships, and we want to show you the polarity of our sisterhood! Vicky and I have been on a real ride in our sisterhood over the last three years, and we want to give you a peak into what we have learned along the way. AND, we have a very exciting announcement at the end! (HINT – we are hosting a retreat this summer!)

Join in as we discuss:

  • The very sweet beginnings of our relationship
  • All of the ways that we admire each other in our differences
  • The impact we have allowed each other to have in our lives
  • How we’ve fully opened to receive sisterhood with each other
  • What happened when things got hard during the pandemic
  • How we are getting WORKED by receiving
  • How we slow down to take responsibility in our connection and value the energetics of our relationship over anything else

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