When we think about purpose, we typically think about what we are doing and an outcome or goal. It is typically externally focused. For example, raising kids, career choice, buying a house, exercising for good health, etc. But when we reach the goal, we often find ourselves asking “What’s next?” And the external chase continues. So, what is at the core of what we want in life? In other words, what is our unique quality of being that we most want to give to the world? In this episode, we discuss the importance of moving into deeper layers of our purpose.

  • Purpose is like a 7-layer dip
  • What are we choosing and why?
  • Purpose as a quality of being vs. doing
  • Transitioning to deeper layers of purpose
  • Embodying what you actually want in life
  • The spiritual journey is key
  • Deeper purpose enhances everything you do in life


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