In today’s episode, we’ll have two amazing women: Alisa Deen aka Teeni Yogini who is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Adult Content Creator, Model, Artist, Tantric Embodiment Guide, Entrepreneur, and Hannah McCartney aka Starlitt a Tantrika and Sacred Intimacy & Relationship coach. They both are badass businesswomen that share a creative and polyamorous relationship.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The journey to creating a three-way spiritual partnership
  • Practices to get in touch with your body
  • Aligning to your desires in integrity
  • Taking responsibility for emotions and expressing unconditional love
  • Expanding self-compassion
  • How to incorporate truth, love, and compassion as the fundamental building blocks of relationships
  • Holding the weight of your desire
  • Sisterhood as a collaboration
  • Service to the feminine as service to the world

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