Recently, I have had a desire to let you all in on the conversations I have with my sisters about desires, sex, power, responsibility, and many other topics. One of the things that my friends and I talk about a lot is what it really takes to hold your desire. It’s not all puppies and rainbows. It can look glamorous from the outside, but it really requires you to be honest with yourself, follow the desire as it shifts, and take full responsibility for it along the way. Join me with my sisters, Aimee Batuski and Ellie Shepley Montgomerie as we share some real examples from our own lives and let you in on how desire works us over and over again!

  • Fully listening to the voice of desire
  • Following what has the most sensation in your body
  • Masculine vs. feminine integrity
  • Tools and perspectives around fully holding desire
  • Real stories about what the winding path of desire can look like
  • Finding resonance in your desire
  • Desire as the ultimate surrender practice


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