It’s the end of the year, and I decided this year I’d love to let you peak in as I digest and reflect on my year. I asked my good friend Paige Wilhide to hold me through this conversation to explore all of the lessons I learned, the portals I went through, and the relationships I created.

This year has been one of my proudest years – not because I “accomplished” a bunch of things – but because of the deep level of spiritual relationship I have created with myself.

Listen in to hear:

  • How I grew spiritually this year in listening to the voice inside of me and trusting
  • All the places I have learned to surrender – especially in love and my work
  • What it took to fully open to love this year – and the vulnerability of that
  • How I created deep levels of support from my community around my desire for love this year
  • My relationship with desire – and how my willingness to be humiliated is such a big part of that
  • What I learned about my leadership through the Slutty Soiree.


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