In this episode, our guests are Evin Rose, a Self Worth & Dating coach, she empowers women to create thriving relationships with themselves and others through her courses and intimate group programs, and Alex Terranova, a Performance Coach, best-selling author and podcast host who works with high-achievers to create more fulfillment and connection in their lives 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Coming to terms with our relationship patterns in order to create something new
  • The power of intention in dating
  • Setting aside preferences in the face of desire
  • Slowing down to be present in relationship
  • Honoring the resonance of connection in relationship
  • Savoring the experience of dating and allowing sexual connection to unfold
  • Generating what you desire in relationship
  • The practice of being with emotions within ourselves and in relationship
  • Sharing from vulnerability and authenticity
  • All relationships could go differently if they were intentionally created!



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