Fair vs. unfair is a paradigm greatly influenced by past conditioning. How tightly we cling to either stance greatly impacts our way of being and experience of the situation. Clinging onto this paradigm typically leads to disempowerment because it encourages judgment (of self and others) and no one lives a life that is deemed 100% fair anyway. We can drop the fair vs. unfair paradigm completely, if we choose to, and focus on a perspective that encourages growth rather than feeding the ego’s silly games.

  • Fairness is a matter of perspective
  • What game are you playing?
  • Fairness vs. rules and ethical guidelines
  • Everyone’s starting point is different
  • Considering fair/unfair for what?
  • Being mindful of victim mentality
  • Fair/unfair is an attitude
  • What’s fair from a humanity perspective, not from ego?
  • Dividing household chores/tasks
  • Ownership, 100% / 100%
  • Unrealistic expectations and breakdowns in communication
  • Fairness is an excuse
  • Controlling how we let unresolved issues affect us

Links mentioned:

Simon Sinek – The Infinite Game



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