When I first started coaching 6 years ago, I was a “Life and Business Success Coach.” And while that title is far from the desire-based work that I am committed to now, I love reflecting on the woman that I was at that time and the powerful relationships that I had with my clients. One of those clients was Sharon Lee Thony. We worked together for close to 3 years, and she saw me and felt me as I went deep on the feminine path. And in that time, Sharon created a completely new reality for herself and her family, including fulfilling a desire to have a million dollar + year.

Sharon Lee Thony is a brand and marketing executive, with nearly two decades of experience creating award-winning marketing campaigns for travel, beauty and luxury lifestyle brands. She is founder and currently CEO of SLT Consulting, a boutique digital marketing collective. She is also a co-host on Podcast Modern Minorities and a Distinguished Faculty member at General Assembly, having led the creation of their Digital Marketing course curriculum and has taught over 100+ classes and workshops in digital marketing.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Making the choice to invest in yourself 
  • The crystallization of your desires
  • Working through the fear of money scarcity 
  •  Our hidden superpowers 
  • Creation as a surrender practice 
  • Challenging gender roles in marriage and creating a new paradigm


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