“I need to make a change.” Haven’t we all had this thought? Maybe we want to change our career path, move to another state, learn a new skill, or update our brand to expand our impact. The choices we make today can radically affect our trajectory and impact us for years to come. Is this scary? Absolutely! But it is also an exciting part of our journey.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides insightful advice about where to start when we want to pivot in our careers.

In her interview, Elena Armijo speaks with the gorgeous photographer, dynamic accountant, and incredible business owner Ilene Squires LaCourt. With her steadfast spirit, hustler mentality, and innovative heart, Ilene is carving out a space for female entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers to learn, express themselves, and engage in open conversations about finances, taxes, and growth. In this conversation, Ilene talks about her journey as a multi-hyphenate, shares how she manages two small businesses and being a mom to two young girls, and provides tips for how to remain true to ourselves as we adapt to this ever-changing world.

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