What is intuition? How do we develop a deeper connection to it? Intuition is like our own unique compass to navigate life, but we typically have little or no guidance on how to listen to it. This topic will be more widely discussed globally in the coming years as people better understand its power and shift out of living a life with which they are unaligned. In this episode, we discuss some high-level nuances of intuition.

  • How do we navigate intuition, logic, and decision-making?
  • Breaking down our old conditioning
  • Intuitive hits and inner knowingness
  • Courage to follow intuition
  • Feeling a pull to a higher path
  • Intuition often difficult to logically explain
  • Intuition points to alignment and growth
  • Discerning intuition from logical reasoning (fueled by trauma, etc.)
  • Being “lit up”
  • Intuition can guide us down a path resulting in undesired logical outcome
  • Intuition being confused with feelings
  • Intuition helps expand our vision



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