Luis Mojica has a keen interest in freeing ourselves from trauma through the body. He believes that no matter what is done to us, we have the sovereignty to decide how we perceive and hold these experiences in our bodies. That is where our power lives.

We can go after our desires to the extent that we are able to hold the sensation of it in our bodies. This was a gorgeous conversation where Luis unpacks how we expand the capacity of our body to hold sensation.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Somatic therapy
  • Letting go of identities
  • Trauma is not the event – it’s the body’s response to an event
  • Uncoupling as a away to create a state of regulation in your nervous system
  • How the mind learns to relate to the body
  • Pleasure as the idea of “I have the capacity for charge”
  • Constriction, expansion, and neutrality in the body

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