Today, Elena talks with pianist and coach, Robert Kuang, about being open to self-discovery, expanding your abilities, and resting in your natural strengths.

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Everyone wants an innovative team, but, as a leader, are you creating a space for innovation to thrive? Maybe you’re not having as many creative conversations with your team, or maybe they’re not as eager to share their ideas as they have been in the past. Here’s the thing: you need to make sure you enable an environment for innovation and creativity to be present. So, ask yourself, are you willing to be surprised by your people? Are you shutting down your team or uplifting them so they can express their ideas? Are you highlighting areas where they can be creative? Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself and your team.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares how you can conduct a self-examination, so you create an open, creative environment and lead your team to fearlessly innovate. In her interview segment, Elena speaks with pianist and coach, Robert Kuang. Shortly after immigrating to America from Beijing, Robert discovered his natural aptitude for music and piano at the age of 9. This discovery led him on an unexpected journey that impacted the rest of his life and propelled him into a fulfilling and impactful career. Through this conversation, Robert shares his story of self-discovery and creative expression, and you’ll learn why it’s so important to continually expand your abilities, be open to taking new paths, and rest in your natural abilities.

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