In this episode, Elena interviews Alycia James, a coach and healer who focuses on emotional freedom, intuitive development, and self-liberation.

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What does celebrating Women’s History Month – and beyond – look like?  Elena has thought a lot about how it would look to not only celebrate this month every year but live this month intentionally throughout the year.  After a particularly draining workshop, a loving voice message from Aaron reminded Elena that women can’t leave men behind in the fight for equality.  Her advice and Weekly Coaching Tip are to surround yourself with allies – people who can see you and hear you (even if they don’t understand you), and honor what you’re up to in the world.  Think about who makes up your collective sisterhood, and if you are not intentionally looking to create sisterhood with other women, where could you find them, and gather them for support?

In her interview segment, Elena talks with Alycia James, whom she first met online to create a coaching show.  Alycia’s physical beauty, inner soul and kind heart concealed a very different inner feeling…that of hating being a woman.  Alycia experienced internalized misogyny for much of her life, and believed being born a woman was a hinderance.  As she began to explore coaching and mindset work with Elena, she realized nobody knows her better than herself, and gained confidence in standing up for her own opinion, even if it meant challenging a man’s authority.  Cultivating relationships with men who allow her to be her authentic self empowered her and made her more present.  

The conversation then turns to intuition and the tremendous power it has in our lives.  It’s easily accessible to both men and women – men follow their gut instinct while women need to lean into their femininity.  Alycia explains that for women, fear is often mistaken for intuition.  They must be clearly distinguished, and learning to act on one or dismiss the other is crucial.  For Alycia, it’s very clear which is which, because intuition comes with a sense of peace and a feeling of acceptance.  Always follow peace.  As a tip to the listeners to tap into their intuition more, she asks the simple question “If there was no right or wrong, what would you do?”, and the answer will usually come.  

If you’re interested in realizing your inner voice/intuition in a more profound way, you’ll enjoy this episode!

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