In this episode, Elena and Isaac Quiroga talk about the importance of vision, valuable leadership principles, and why a willingness to try new things takes you on an incredible journey!

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What does leading with your heart mean? This is a question that Elena has pondered multiple times over the past two years. Many leaders are afraid to lead with their hearts and are even more uncertain in our ever-changing world. Her evaluation has led her to hone in on three qualities that are evident when you lead from the heart. They are: vulnerability, active listening, and creating a space where all voices matter. When we lead from the heart, we can create environments where we are not only leading from our strengths, but we are also giving strength to our team.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares the three qualities that are evident when you lead from the heart and how to demonstrate them as a leader. In her Interview Segment, Elena talks with her long-time friend Isaac Quiroga, a fellow NMSU graduate, New Yorker, and singer turned Mattel executive. Isaac’s adventurous spirit and innovative nature have propelled him to try new things and reach new heights in the corporate world. Isaac started out as a singer in New York, but soon realized he lacked the business acumen to truly excel as a performer. So, he dove into the business world as an executive assistant and eventually climbed the corporate ladder to become the Vice President of Digital Engagement at Mattel. In this conversation, Elena and Isaac talk about the importance of vision, the unique strengths performers have in the business world, Isaac’s challenges and lessons as a leader, and the importance of purpose in your work.

If you’re interested in business, leadership, or digital marketing, you’ll enjoy this episode!

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