Are you a recovering perfectionist? In this episode, Elena speaks with Shirin Eskandani, a former opera singer and coach who helps others see their self-worth and beat perfectionism.

2020 was the year of pivoting. Pivoting from working in the office to working at home. Pivoting from celebrating birthdays, graduations, and weddings to delaying them. Pivoting from relationships and careers to adapting to uncertainty. As 2023 begins with layoffs and a looming recession, it seems the pivoting will not stop. The thing is, life is infused with pivots. They aren’t a recent phenomenon. They are just more evident. So, the question is, who would like to be when pivots happen in your life? You see, you can’t always control your circumstances, but you can determine who you will be. So, who will you choose to be?

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides a game plan so you can begin to strategize who you will be when pivots happen in your life. In her interview segment, Elena speaks with coach, writer, podcast host, and public speaker, Shirin Eskandani. Shirin has been featured as a wellness expert on “The Today Show,” The New York Times, The Doctors and Shape magazine. Before becoming a fantastic coach, Shirin was a professional opera singer and performed at Carnegie Hall as well as the Metropolitan Opera. Now, Shirin uses her unique perspective to catalyze thoughtful discussions, help others live on their terms, and embrace a softer, intentional, yet adaptable life. In this conversation, Elena and Shirin talk about recovering from perfectionism and workaholism, choosing the beauty of slow, determined living, fostering curiosity in the day-to-day, and understanding your own self-worth.

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