In the first episode of 2023, Elena speaks with coaches and podcasters Bay Leblanc Quiney and Laura Westman, who host West of Wonderland, a podcast about magic, wonder, and leadership.

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What dream have you forgotten about? This is the start of a new year, so what do you want to accomplish with it? Wouldn’t it be amazing, at the end of this year, to say, “I’m achieving my dream?” The thing is, many of us have forgotten our dreams. We allow the stress of life and the seriousness of reality to dampen them, so we often set them aside as our childish hopes and forget about them. As we begin 2023, let’s rekindle those long-lost dreams. Let’s examine ourselves and remember what our dreams are. Then, let’s put them into action, so we can add wonder to the world!

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares action steps you can use so you can be closer to achieving your dream in just one month. In her interview segment, Elena talks with her friends Bay Leblanc Quiney and Laura Westman. These two bright, powerhouse ladies are professionally certified coaches, who bring wonder, joy, and magic to every conversation—including those they have on their podcast, West of Wonderland. During their chat, Bay, Laura, and Elena talk about how West of Wonderland began, the importance of restoring audacious optimism, why wishing is actually a good thing, and how many of the Disney characters we all know and love exemplify vital leadership qualities. Their conversation will be sure to make you smile and empower you to dream!

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