It was only a matter of time before my friend Alex Terranova came to join me on the show. Alex and I met when we first became coaches in the same coach training program, and we’ve been good friends since. Alex is an amazing coach, podcaster, and self-described “asshole in recovery.” Seeing him over the last 6 years as he’s cracked his heart wide open has been a gorgeous process.

And now, he has a DESIRE. He has an already booked trip to Tulum in October, and his desire is to find an amazing woman to go with him!

This is a gorgeous story of the power of creation and the vulnerability of love.

Listen into this episode as we discuss:

  • Seeing the man you want to be through relationship
  • The experience of receiving and overflow love and support as a man
  • Expanding your body to receive more love
  • The most fun, safe rollercoaster you could be on!
  • Alex’s desires for relationship and how he shows up for the feminine
  • Saying yes first and then figuring it out!

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