Derek Hart is the course creator of the internationally recognized programs Marriage 2.0™, CoupleTrack™ and TherapistTrack™. As he approaches 35,000 hours helping couples, he’s developed mastery on how to move them directly into the emotional experiences they need to feel connected again. Whether speaking from the stage to 400 people working on communication, or sitting in one of his weekend intensives with one couple at a time, Derek continuously models vulnerability and does not stay separate from the couple’s experience. Sometimes the fastest path to self-love is the set of unspoken words and emotions we need to show another, and Derek is the mirror for you to glance into to see the greatest version of your reflection.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How to revive your needs and get them met in relationship
  • Reframing co-dependency as an indicator of your needs
  • How couples can slow down to be with the discomfort they are feeling
  • Moving from frustration to sadness inside of communication
  • Emotion as the messenger of love
  • Bringing emotions to your partner from love and responsibility
  • Vulnerability as access to intimacy and sex
  • Communication problems vs. incompatibility problems in couples
  • How to look at what is being communicated underneath the questions we ask our partners

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