Can you be a strong leader and feel deeply? In this episode, Elena and her guest, Lauren Borden, discuss the leadership strengths of HSPs, the benefits of emotional awareness, and more!

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What gifts would more emotional awareness allow you to receive? Deeper relationships? Better communication with others? A stronger business? When you become more aware of your own emotional state, you can have more opportunities for self-reflection and growth. The thing is, self-evaluating can be uncomfortable and, oftentimes, it can be easier to push past your emotions instead of dealing with them. So, why should we engage in this practice of self-evaluation at all? Stay tuned, because, in this episode’s Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena details three reasons why practicing more emotional awareness can benefit your mental health, your leadership skills, and your relationships.

In this episode, Elena talks with her friend, Holistic Leadership coach, and member of the C-Suite Collective, Lauren Borden. Not only is she armed with a PCC, M.A., and Ph.D., Lauren is an authentic and mindful person who truly sees the beauty in everyone she interacts with. Together, these two vibrant women discuss the power of highly sensitive people in leadership, new methods for understanding and honing your team’s strengths, how individuals can come together by recognizing the collective beauty of humanity, and the story behind Lauren’s rebranding of her coaching business! To top it off, they also share their experiences of healing, growth, and relational development at Elena’s first-ever C-Suite Collective Retreat.

If you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) who wants to tap into your leadership strengths and communication skills, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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