On this episode, Elena speaks with screenwriter and podcast producer, Eric McKeever, about his show, The Coach, why audio comedy is important, and how to stop resisting creative ideas.

What creative project or idea have you been resisting? If you’re a creative or an entrepreneur, it seems new ideas are always coming to mind. Oftentimes, this can result in us acting on all of our new ideas, which keeps us from moving forward because we’re going in so many directions. Or, in response to spreading ourselves too thin by chasing so many ideas in the past, we keep our heads down and resist our new creative ideas. However, both responses can result in paralysis and we aren’t able to accomplish what we need to. So, how do we distinguish between the ideas that we really love and should pursue, and the ideas that are great but aren’t what we need to seize right now?

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares three steps you can use to recognize the creative ideas you’ve resisted, but need to act upon. In her interview segment, Elena talks with her friend and former opera colleague, Eric McKeever. Not only is Eric an accomplished baritone opera singer, he is also a talented artist with a portfolio that includes screenwriting and podcast producing. During their conversation, Elena and Eric reminisce about their first opera together, discuss the pivots that singers and artists had to make during the pandemic, and the catalytic conversation that launched Eric’s new audio-drama podcast, The Coach. Eric shares his inspiration behind the podcast, the ways humor addresses real life, how he has grown as a leader and an artist through the podcast production process, and more!

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