Shai and Lea are considered two of the go-to people for ethical non-monogamy. They’ve built a worldwide brand that includes Community, Dating, Events, Education and Coaching. Their mission is to help partners thrive, not just survive, in conscious open relationships. What differentiates Lea and Shai in their teachings is that they see ethical non-monogamy as a vehicle for deep healing and personal growth. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • What is polyamory and open relating?
  • How the six core human needs fit into relationship
  • What it takes to adapt your template of love and let go of old programming and beliefs
  • The ethics of open relating
  • Jealousy as both something to look at inside of you and outside of you
  • The five questions to ask yourself if you are considering open relating
  • The elements that are needed to fully support people interested in open relating
  • Creating safety and security in relationship for yourself, first and foremost

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