John Biethan discusses the power of being heard, and podcasting’s unique ability to make that possible, because we all have something of value to say.

What do you want to be known for in the world? What would you want people to say “thank you” for when you’re gone? 

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides insight on how to look into the future, consider the qualities you want to be remembered for, the legacy you want to leave, and how to work backwards from there to start making them a reality today.

In her interview segment, Elena speaks with John Biethan, President and CEO of Imagine Podcasting. 

John weaves a unique and fascinating lesson in audio for the listener, covering topics from podcasting’s beginnings, to music, to the creation of soundscapes and the feelings behind them. As the producer of Elena’s podcast, they discuss the dynamics of how to grow and maintain a media presence in today’s crowded landscape, as well as the current state of social media and where it’s going. You’ll hear about the newest “thing” in podcasting – private podcasting – and how it allows people to go deeper in their conversation and give the audience a more intimate experience. John also offers insight into leadership, responsibility and stewardship for women CEOs – that women often make better leaders than their male counterparts, and how everyone in business can benefit from slowing down and making an effort to really listen and hear what others have to say.

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This podcast was produced by the following amazing team:

John Biethan, President of Imagine Podcasting

Sam De Santo, Creative Director

Rye Taylor, Podcast Design Strategist & Producer

Alan Meaney, Audio Engineer

Meg McCarley, Brand Designer & Social Media Manager

Raejan Noh, Content Writer

Jennifer Harshman, Content Writer

Aaron Boykin, Musician & Artist (Get updates about Aaron’s music via Instagram)