In her weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides insight on what it means to be vulnerable and highlights the benefits of emotional exposure.

Blaine Heck discusses the complexities of fertility and pregnancy for women in the workplace, as well as the hurdles that must be overcome with a disability.

What does “being vulnerable” actually mean? While conventional wisdom says being vulnerable is being exposed to the potential of physical or emotional harm, Elena gives her own thoughts, using an illustration from Brene Brown. Being vulnerable is actually all about the courage it takes to step into uncertainty, experience risk and to take a chance on emotional exposure. Deeper and richer connections are the reward. 

In her interview segment, Elena speaks with Blaine Heck, Senior Publicist at Nardi Media. Blaine dives deep into her experiences with pregnancy and IVF, all while juggling challenges, workload and stress at the office. Together they discuss the culture of shame around miscarriages, and the surprising healing support of social media. While being pregnant does affect the work, full transparency and an awareness of how you are showing up go a long way in helping others understand your experience, and make room for it.

Blaine also shares (and compares) her disability in the workplace, specifically dyslexia. She offers insightful advice to employers, namely, that those with disabilities are often more creative than you realize, and that the disability often gives the individual a heightened awareness elsewhere – you just need to be open-minded enough to find it.

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