What is your current relationship with spirituality? We’ll take a closer look at that in our coaching tip for the week. And in our interview segment, we’ll be joined by Meghan Smith, a spiritual teacher, leader, and coach.

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Meghan completed the Accomplishment Coaching Program in Victoria, B.C. Canada in 2019 and stayed on in a leadership role with the company for an additional two years upon graduation. Her podcast “The Skeptic’s Guide to a Spiritual Life” reflects her past as a very skeptical, logic-brained lawyer who had very little room for spirituality in her life. She is now passionate about bringing spirituality to very high-achieving, high-performing people in a way that allows them to explore.

Elena and Meghan talk about how Meghan successfully starts the “spirituality” conversation with her clients. They talk about partnership in spirituality, the willingness to open up, and how to find the access point to start the conversation. Finally, they confront the challenges that come with partnership and the relationship to spirituality. 

Part of Meghan’s journey includes her recovery from adrenaline addiction. She is an advocate of the 12-step process, and the wisdom that comes with it, and says that if there is any part of you that may have addictive tendencies to go find 12-step work immediately. 

Finally, Meghan invites you to really “get” and understand that you don’t need “fixing”. There’s nothing “wrong” with you. You’re just having a human experience. 

In her Coaching Tip, Elena asks you about your relationship to whatever it is you believe. What is your current relationship to spirituality? Everyone has different versions of what spirituality means. The conversation around spirituality versus religion is a deeply layered conversation.

Oftentimes when clients are confronted with limiting beliefs around something or STOPS, as we like to call it in the coaching world (where you are getting stopped around a concept or belief), it helps to look at the relationship to it.

So instead of fighting against the beliefs that you have around God or the universe, or not believing in anything at all that’s outside of yourself, it’s easier to focus on who you are being about that belief. So, for me, there’s a lot of gold in looking at the relationship to it. No matter what I believe and what my choice is, am I in alignment with it? Are my actions lining up with who I’m choosing to be and what I believe about it?

Get clear about what’s going on and then ask yourself: how do you want it to go? What kind of access would you enjoy with an ideal relationship with spirituality? What would it allow or make possible in your life?

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