Where are you neglecting to celebrate in your life? We’ll look at that in our coaching tip for the week. In our interview segment today, we have Alex Terranova, professional certified coach, founder of The Dream Mason, Inc., and author of Fictional Authenticity. Elena says of him, “I love this man so much. We met in our coach training program, and after an entire year of intense immersive training, we came out better humans and coaches for the world.”

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If your life were a watercraft, would it be a pirate ship, a US Navy vessel, or a Disney cruise? You’ll want to listen in to hear the meanings of these and to figure out where your ship is headed. You’re in control of so much. Have you pointed your life in the right direction, and what will you do to create the life you want?

In her weekly coaching tip, Elena asks you about the things you can celebrate and encourages you to do so because too often, we skip celebrating.

In Elena’s interview segment, she talks with Alex Terranova, Performance Alchemist & Coach. He is the author of Fictional Authenticity and Redefining Masculinity and the host of The DreamMason podcast and The Frequency Shifters Show. Alex works with men whose achievements and financial successes have not created the rewarding, joyful, and fulfilling life and business they desire. In this episode, he brings up some important things you’ll want to consider: race, politics, professionalism, personal responsibility, and more.

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