In this episode, Elena talks with Hilary Hoffman about how she got integrated into the C-Suite Collective. After nearly a decade in finance, spending her time most notably at Goldman Sachs and Oaktree Capital Management, Hilary Hoffman launched her fitness platform The SOTO Method in 2021. The SOTO Method is a program she initially created for herself; strapped for time, she craved a more efficient burn. The workout needed to reflect her reality: she had only 35 minutes, and every single second needed to count.

Through Hilary’s extensive knowledge of isometrics, SOTO delivers approachability, efficiency and results. In class, you will be reminded to stay in the “can” mindset time and time again. This means physical strength starts with believing four words, “I can do this.”

“After my time at Goldman, I made a pivot within the industry, and I landed in a spot that I was not particularly happy in. And that unhappiness brought me to a place of self-discovery. During that whole process, what I decided to do was instead of thinking, This is what I want to do next, I would have conversations with as many humans as I could. There was no agenda other than, ‘Tell me why you love your job. Tell me what you love about the day-to-day of your role at this company.’ I started to learn that people who loved their jobs the most had a sense of agency that they got to access on a daily basis. And more importantly, they were in roles where they felt like they were utilizing their strengths on a daily basis. And I had come to a place where a lot of the friction I experienced in finance . . . I was good enough at my job where I could have 100% been happy if I had stayed there and pivoted companies once. However, I decided to figure out what were my strengths and where can I best express them? And during this time, the SOTO method was something that I’d always come back to.”

Hilary says, “It’s such a powerful exercise of just saying out loud, ‘What is holding me back from taking that next step?’”

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