Sheree Savage lives out her passions. She is a wife, mother of two grade-school children, and entrepreneur. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel, she has gone from being a paratrooper (jumping out of airplanes with Army Rangers) to excelling in a variety of leadership roles to support her state’s national guard. While fulfilling her National Guard role, Sheree also co-created and grew a business from generating $1.4 million to more than $30 million in annual revenue. Her state-of-the-art health facility supports employees and the community with health recovery and rejuvenation.

In Sheree’s transformational coaching, she works 1:1 with women to connect with their inner fire and create what they really want to experience in life. Sheree is also a flagship funder for a non-profit that provides micro-loans for women in Tanzania, Africa.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Bringing feminine energy anywhere, even in a military uniform!
  • Becoming the energy of what you want to experience
  • Looking for evidence of what is going right
  • Criticism or connection?
  • Doing and creating what lights you up
  • Being present and creating connection in conversation
  • Making adjustments in connection and relationships
  • Telling the truth
  • The power of learning from other women
  • Giving other women full permission to be themselves

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