Vibrant and passionate executive coach Juanita Molano Parra speaks with Elena Armijo about the double-edged sword of authenticity, creating a world of belonging and kindness, and expressing anger in a positive way.

Learn more about how Elena Armijo can support you in seeing and using the power that resides within you.

In this segment of The Collective Corner, Elena Armijo speaks with overcomer, creative, and executive coach Juanita Molano Parra. Originally from Bogota, Columbia, Juanita pursued a career in finance after graduating with an MBA from NYU Stern. However, when she moved to Indianapolis, she decided to shift gears and become a coach. During her coaching training, she met Elena and the two became fast friends. Today, Juanita has her own coaching business and is passionate about helping leaders escape from the land of “should” to a world where they can live the life they were meant to live.

During their conversation, Elena and Juanita talk about how authenticity is a double-edged sword, the importance of expressing anger in a constructive way, creating an environment of belonging and kindness, and staying true to your values. As Juanita so vividly illustrates, “Our values are like a lighthouse that reveals who we are and what we stand for.” If you want to learn more about living in light of your values and balancing authenticity with belonging, check out this episode!

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