Elena’s special guest this week is her childhood friend, Santino Jimenez. In this episode, you’ll learn how they were both shaped by their childhoods in Las Cruces, the lessons Santino has learned in his entertainment career, and why it’s vital to take action!

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What gifts from your past have turned out to be your superpowers today? Sometimes, what is hindering us in the present is rooted in our past. Other times, the things that currently propel us forward are the values, beliefs, habits, and actions that have been developed in our childhood. These gifts from your past are the very things that support you and highlight the positive aspects of who you are today.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares the gifts she’s carrying from her past, and how you can determine and better utilize the gifts you have attained from your own childhood. In her interview segment, Elena speaks with a very special guest—dynamite actor, improviser, and producer Santino Jimenez. Santino and Elena grew up together in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and their lives have taken interesting turns. While Elena went off to pursue music in New York, Santino headed to LA to pursue his acting career. Now, the two have reconnected and, in this conversation, you’ll hear about their childhoods, the ways they were shaped by their community and families, and how the gifts they were given in their pasts have propelled them in their lives now. From the importance of taking action, to staying humble and constantly learning how to perfect your craft, to telling it like it is and being yourself, Santino shares important insights for those who want to become actors, comedians, or just want to be reminded to pursue their dreams.

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