Are you a small business owner or someone who’s considering launching your own business? Then, you’ll definitely want to listen to Elena’s conversation with Small Business Consultant and Certified Business Coach Robyn Koenig. Together, they talk about the lessons she’s learned, how to utilize structures in your small business, the power of simplifying, and more!

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What could simplicity provide you access to? Many times, people believe that simplicity is equivalent to low-impact. But that’s not the case. In fact, simplicity allows you to experience life more fully because, instead of being pulled in so many directions you can only give a fraction of your attention to whatever’s going on, you can be fully present and engaged in the things that truly matter in your business, life, and relationships.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares how she’s focused on simplicity in her own life and issues a call to action for you to do the same. In her interview segment, she talks with grace-filled Small Business Consultant and Certified Business Coach Robyn Koenig. Having spent 20 years in various roles in corporate, non-profit, and freelance environments, she has the experience and passion to help small business owners level up their businesses. After her second layoff in 2017, Robyn decided to launch her own business so she could dictate her opportunities and create a career she loves. Whether you’re a freelancer, coach, small business owner, or entrepreneur-explorer, her journey of perseverance, creativity, grit, and grace will inspire you. In their conversation, Elena and Robyn discuss the lessons Robyn learned through launching her small business, the pitfalls many small business owners fall into, why it’s good to try new ventures, how structures can be a small business owner’s best friend, and more!

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