This is a special episode! A client of mine, Sarah Hopkins, expressed a desire recently to come on the show. Y’all know I love desire, and I thought having her on would be a great chance to hear what it’s like to be at the beginning stages of getting in touch with your body, your desire, and a feminine path. Sarah gives it to us straight!

Sarah believes that traditional and normal are boring and she advocates charting your own path. She helps others follow their light and what MOVES them. If you have a desire to follow a feminine path and have no idea where to start or what it would be like, listen in as Sarah gets real with us about that!

Join us as we discuss:

  • What it’s like to begin on the path of studying the feminine (and in one of my programs, Cocoon)
  • Accessing all of the sides of feminine energy
  • Holding the weight of your desire
  • Giving the Little Girl inside of you attention
  • Creating authentic sisterhood with women
  • Telling the truth inside of sisterhood
  • Getting in touch with desire by slowing down
  • Expressing a range of desires – both Big and Little!

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