Do you ever feel lost or that you’ve forgotten who you are? Well, Business and Life Coach Aisha Crumbine is here to talk about how you can get clear on who you are, set boundaries, and embrace the journey so you can thrive!

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On the latest episode of The Collective Corner, Elena Armijo speaks with powerhouse Business and Life Coach Aisha Crumbine. Aisha is a certified trainer in psychological safety, holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Teacher’s College at Columbia University, previously served as the Vice President of Development for TFA Houston, and volunteered on the board and as a council member for Breakthrough Houston, Girls, Inc., and Houstonians for Great Public Schools.

If you’re a listener of In a Manner of Speaking, you’ll recognize Aisha from the podcast’s first episode. Whether you’ve already heard Elena’s initial conversation with Aisha or if this is your first time listening to the podcast, you’ll definitely want to check out their episode here!

Today, Elena and Aisha talk about how the past two years have opened up conversations surrounding trauma, creating space for yourself, and holding fast to your core values. One of the main things that Aisha focuses on with her clients is working through the mess in life and learning through it. As she so aptly puts it, “{You} don’t wait until you need to be strong to get strong. Like, everything along the way is giving you what you need so that when you need it, you have it.”

If you want to really dive in and get clear on who you are, define who you want to become, and set better boundaries, Aisha’s new 6-month program launches the first week of June!

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