Wheeling Symphony Orchestra conductor and music director John Gennaro Devlin joins Elena Armijo to talk about living in light of your values, the importance of relationships when you’re creating change, how to create a bridge between the artistic, business, and blue-collar communities, and more!

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What do values have to do with leadership? Too often, we are either not clear on our values or do not make our decisions based on them. When we aren’t living from our values, we can limit or destroy our impact in the world. So, how do we get clear on what our values are? Elena recommends an exercise from Brene Brown, which you can use to help clarify your values and determine if you are making decisions in alignment with them. 

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides insight and resources so you can discover your values and lead from them. In her interview segment, Elena Armijo speaks with conductor and music director at the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, John Gennaro Devlin. Originally from New York, he wanted to become a professional clarinetist, but, due to his outgoing personality, he pivoted into a role that he says, “Felt like home.” Now, at the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, John excels at creating a familial culture amongst the musicians and staff and creating bonds in his politically diverse community. In this episode, John shares why it’s vital an organization’s decisions are aligned with its values, how beginning professionals can change their mindset so they can excel in their careers, why the orchestra is showcasing current American composers, what he’s doing to create relationships in his community, and more!

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