Is it possible to create true intimacy and connection in the span of one week with a person halfway across the world, even when we are in a pandemic and relying solely on zoom?

I say YES!

This past December, I connected with virtually with a gorgeous man in London through a BDSM community I am a part of. We were randomly paired together to do an exercise in exploring power play. Coming out of that first interaction, I noticed in my body that I had a desire for more connection with this man. Fresh out of a breakup and not entirely sure what I wanted, I allowed myself to express my desire to create a one week long virtual relationship with him to explore our connection and practice being in our dominant and submissive archetypes.

What came out of this was a stunning connection, so many surprises, lots of learning, and a tenderness that touched both of us deeply.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • The Power of playing the dominant and submissive archetypes
  • Feeling out desire in relationship step by step
  • The process of creating a week long relationship agreement to get curious, explore, and learn together
  • The power of softer, gentle moments
  • Surrendering to fully trust your man and what that inspires within him
  • Creating structure to powerfully support a relationship to thrive and also be complete
  • The Call and Response nature of desire

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