Dominique D’Vita is a Registered Nurse, Sexpert and Transformational Tantra Coach. She helps people recognize that their relationship with themselves is the MOST important relationship. She guides them as they learn to love themselves and become their own best lover, in turn attracting more love and better partners and opportunities.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Creating a relationship with yourself so that you have an overflow, and anything a partner brings is extra
  • Owning your pleasure as your own
  • Why “you complete me” is old, antiquated, and doesn’t serve us!
  • Creating a date night for yourself
  • Pleasure mapping on your body
  • Breath and what it gives you access to in your sex and your relationship with yourself
  • Adding fuel to your orgasmic flame
  • Aphrodisiac foods to support energy moving through the body and access to sexuality
  • Your brain is your largest sex organ
  • The nine types of female orgasm and why this important for women

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