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On the second segment of The Collective Corner, Elena Armijo is joined by the beautiful Bebuo Ewa and Hillary Hittner. Bebuo’s name means “persevere,” which is exactly what she has done and what she is passionate about helping others do by engaging in transformational leadership. Hillary is an inclusive leader who is committed to creating an empathetic space so that everyone can be courageous and own their leadership.

These ladies cover topics like DEI and vulnerability, offer insights on how you can engage in self-care when faced with hard conversations, and share the ways they have walked their clients through conflict, in order to avoid burnout. According to Bebuo, love is the best way to avoid burnout: “I bring a ton of love as a defense mechanism to compensate for all of the experienced anger and hate that comes towards me.”

Bebuo is eager to launch her new 5-month program, the Executive Playground Experience, which encapsulates her approach to hard conversations. Through her program, she will offer leadership coaching, group coaching, DEIB work, and a special wellness weekend.

As Hillary explains, her own passion to help others has been burning for as long as she can remember: “I was always looking for the person who was maybe not inside the group and how to bring them into the group. So I was always looking to see who might be, for lack of a better word… the underdog, or the person who might not be getting the spotlight, who might not see their own greatness.” Now, she is launching a new round of her Inclusive Leadership Mastermind for women, which will cover aspects of race, inclusive leadership, and more.

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