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How do I create a culture of diversity and belonging in my organization? This is a question that has saturated much of the conversation surrounding company culture. Contrary to popular belief, creating the culture you want is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Instead, it requires you to take a good look at four distinct areas and adjust accordingly in order to begin creating a culture of belonging.

In Elena’s Weekly Coaching Tip, you’ll discover that creating a diverse culture is not about metrics, but about creating a space of support, love, and forward movement. In Elena’s interview segment, she speaks with social impact leader and world-changer, Richie Kendall. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Goodworld, a platform that helps nonprofits and companies fundraise, connect with their communities, and maximize their social impact. Not only is Richie an exceptional human being, he is also a great example of someone who is unapologetically committed to living out their values. In their conversation, Richie shares his mission in life, the power of storytelling and how your own narrative adds meaning to others, how technology can be used to maximize social impact, and why creating a culture of belonging begins with you.  

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