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Welcome to a new feature on our podcast called The Collective Corner! As the founder of the C-Suite Collective, I realized that we have SO MUCH gold on our platform and we want to share it with the world. Twice a month, we will be bringing you a conversation around leadership from the viewpoint of coaches, specifically the ones on our team, to amplify the conversations we are having with clients around the world.

For the first The Collective Corner, we have fantastic coaches Stephanie River and Sebastian Little. Stephanie is all about helping high-performers lay down their armor and tap into their vulnerability, so they can live and work courageously. Sebastian’s focus is on causing disruption by helping others dive into the mess, so they can optimize culture, close performance gaps, and unlock leadership potential.

Together, they talk about the power of being in the mess of life to achieve more and the importance of vulnerability in order to create belonging. Through experiences with their clients, they share insight on how you can create deeper connections within your organization, and how you can enhance your leadership through relationships and authentic communication. As Sebastian powerfully said, “When we can recognize the superpowers in ourselves and in other people, we elevate everybody together.”

Additionally, Stephanie and Sebastian highlight the 75 Slow Challenge, a 75-day program they created to help you go farther and move faster by slowing down. Too often, as Stephanie notes, “People move fast to avoid the mess.” Through their program, they hope to help people slow down, embrace the mess, and move forward in authenticity.

You’ll definitely enjoy our new segment, The Collective Corner!

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